Quiz 24

(No spoilers) I know loads of people watch 24 but I also know very few of them watch it live or even PVRed soon after. A lot of you wait for the DVDs so I don’t know who’ll be able to answer but…

There’s been a change in gizmos used on the show, I believe it happened between hour 22 and 23 (might have been before but I doubt it). I hate that they made that change because since the show is in “real time” there’s now way it wouldn’t have happened in real life. And it was obviously a new product placement deal. What is it?



Martine May 25, 2005

Their machines are all Cisco Systems!

Patrick May 25, 2005

Bingo! Their little designy videophones used to be a small vertical model from some company I can’t remember who won design awards. Now it’s an ugly ass black square Cisco thing and you see the logo when they hang up. Bleh.

Paolo May 25, 2005

They also added Alienware to the show this season.

Patrick May 25, 2005

Oups. The “some company” his actually Motorola with their Ojo system.

Patrick May 25, 2005

Adding any cool product is fine with me. Replacing one with another between two shows when the actual elapsed time is supposed to be 10 minutes is not only dumb it looks cheap when it’s so obviously a product placement, not just a prop.

Martine May 25, 2005

So what do I win? What do I win?

Patrick May 25, 2005

A signed autograph from Kiefer if I ever meet him. (ah!)

Martine May 25, 2005

Hey, I might get a signed copy of my screenplay if he says yes. ;-)

Vero June 3, 2005

And the baddie Marwan has a Nokia phone in which he “apparently” kept all flight coordinates, etc etc etc when clearly that Nokia phone would be of no use for info like that.

He destroys it in the end and that upset me very much!!! ;)

Patrick June 3, 2005

Actually, he also had a Windows CE PDA and I’m pretty sure that’s the one he destroyed.

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