Procrastination Chain Of Event

  • Sit at desk planning to catch up on accounting.
  • Notice recently read books on corner of desk, start thinking I would have more room without them there.
  • I should post about the books before putting them on shelves.
  • I should install Amazon plugin for WordPress to quicken posting of books.
  • So I find the most recent version of the plugin, download, install.
  • Realize what I’m doing, write post about procrastinating.
  • Style display of books posted with plugin.
  • Write quick reviews.
  • Lunch.


Marie-Claude May 21, 2007

Très drôle. Parfois la procrastination peut être utile…

hugh May 22, 2007

viral spread of procrastination:
10 start writing project status report
20 decide to check RSS feeds “one last time” just to verify there are no new posts
30 see Patrick’s post about procrastination
40 read about Books/reviews etc
50 think about the books I need to review for my 52 books project
60 plan to write little reviews and get back to project status report immediately AFTER i am done…
70 start writing reviews

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