Personnal TechnoratiPopSphere

Seb is pointing to an interesting article which sounds fine and at first glance I’d love to have a Daypop or Technorati listing containing only links from my trusted blogs but would it actually be useful? It would change the order in which I’d find links, instead of beeing in order of update time and blog, it would be in order of most linked to but even in the 100 plus feeds I follow, I dont think anything is linked to more than 3-5 times (in between times where I “empty” my feed reader anyhow) so how relevent / effective would the re-sorting be?

I think there would be a few links at the top with multiple blogs linking to it and the rest just piled together with 1 link each. The only way I could see this as being useful is if I upped the “feed pool” to a couple of hundreds. That way there are some links at, I dont know, 8 hits and less so the sorting starts to have meaning… but then I cant read everything and by reading only the top linked to items I end up filtering out some of the stuff that my trusted blogs have deemed interesting, of course by then how trusted are they? I mean 200 feeds is a lot of people!

As the number of feeds makes for better ordering of stories, the relevance of the included feed goes down because really, how many blogs do you trust and respect? And as that “closeness of opinions or interests” goes down so those the value of what they link to.

So, relatively low feed count where I can read everything but within which a Daypop like sort is of dubious value, or high feed count that makes that same sort relevant but makes me cut out some of the content offered by people I have already determined I trust? I think the former is the better solution, so for me no real need for the concept he is proposing.

The older post of his that Seb is linking to in the same entry as a lot more value to me, by creating an interesting newcomers list based on n degrees of separation from my trusted blogs I can find new people and fine tune my list of feeds included in the reader.