Painting viewer

It might just be another sign I’m slowy going nuts but for some reason when I saw this briliant picture by Eliot I thought of this painting by Edward Hopper. The main reason I’m blogging this is to show the very cool viewer at Artchive. I’ve know about this site for a while now but for some reason never paid proper attention to or never used the zoom viewer which is a great feature to see paintings from up close. (Depends of course how big the main scan is but some are pretty good sized)


Mathieu August 12, 2003

La simillitude est effectivement frappante… ya juste le torieux de guichet automatique qui vient gacher le tableau.

Patrick August 13, 2003

Exact. Le pire c’est que tantt je tombe sur cet article sur Wired qui utilise la mme peinture comme base.

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