Alright, some of you know that I’ve been pretty busy last couple of weeks, one of the projects that piled up together unexpectedly is the new P45 which launched yesterday. P45 used(*) to be a paper magazine/newspaper who then went online only. MC at Meïdia got the job of redoing the whole thing and gave me a call for the code side.

Nicolas Langelier, one of the P45 founders designed the thing. From that I produced the xhtml/css templates and although they need a bit of a reorganizing for cleanlyness css wize and there’s a bit more than usual in terms of skipnav, access keys and general accessibility.

I also went with WordPress 2.0 for the whole “backend” side. Looove WP, I know some don’t like the code behind it but it so much quicker to work with something that generates pages dynamically vs something like MT that needs to rebuild all the time, that it makes it much more enjoyable. It’s also clean and filled with little nifty twists interface wise.

I did smash my head on the table a number of times running into limitations or spots where I assumed a certain level of detail and didn’t find it. It’s very flexible though, especially adding plugins, 10 of which are used here. I had to twist and turn a couple of times and come up with some code which will probably lead to two posts, one about how the site was built and one about some thinking I’ve been doing about what I can/want to do in projects.

Anyway, it was fun working with Nicolas and Xavier for the first time and they seem pretty happy with the new site, I know I am.

* I found them just before they stopped publishing on paper


julien May 14, 2006

it looks damn good. but a (beginning) blog without comments… that’s a problem.

Patrick May 14, 2006

Those are articles though, not blogs. Only the “conversations” section is considered a blog and the slightly different look reflects that ;).

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