Order Forms

For a client project I need to be able to have a product catalog. The user first creates products, like in any normal CMS. The buyers though are shops, not individuals so instead of going through the catalog and clicking on a couple of products to add to cart, the order form needs to be a list of all the products created in the catalog, one list.

The product list is also an order form so each line includes a field for quantity and the end of the list is a total. The order can be saved and sent to the owner of the shop (simple email). The order though also needs to be saved under the client profile so he/she can get back to it and so the shop owner can refer to old orders and recommend things based on ordering history. Ideally the client could also simply duplicate a past order, tweak some quantities and re-order.

I have a feeling this will need to be custom but just in case, anyone know of a CMS, CMS with a module, CMS with a bunch of modules which could handle something like that?


Patrick Fournier September 18, 2009

Hi Patrick,
You can do most of this (building the catalog, managing the orders) with Drupal and Ubercart. For the order form, you can use the Multi-buy module, available on Ubercart website. I never tested it, but it seems to be doing exactly want you want to do.

Patrick September 18, 2009

Looks like that might do it. Thanks!

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