Oh Come On!

I thought celebrities might have a cutoff point below which they don’t lower themselves, at least in terms of promotion but I guess not. Especially considering some of them here have a somewhat “indie vibe” I’m surprised they showed up for the opening of a Target store. I mean come on! What’s next? Walmart? A few nice pictures though, I especially like these two, they look like some ironic fashion spread in a magazine.


Martine July 22, 2004

This is SO weird… They most have made the “tar-jé” joke all evening.

I think they should open a Target in Montreal and invite Yulbloggers to party in the milk aisle.

John July 23, 2004

Seriously. What is the BFD with Target. I haven’t been to the USA since 2000 so I don’t know the place but from what I gather Target is basically an American Zeller’s, only brighter and with better marketing.

So I guess inviting a bunch of hipsters to a store they wouldn’t be caught dead in gives Target some kind of ironic, distant caché because the people involved think they’re being ironic and not at all duped into taking part in some marketing event. I guess that makes Target really cool if by “cool,” you mean “a place to buy cheap underwear.” In that sense then, Zeller’s is totally rad.

Patrick July 23, 2004

Next you’re gonna tell me L’aubainerie is the new Ralph Lauren ;)

Alex July 24, 2004

Ah, that’s odd.

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