Nokia Future Bound

Nokia has announced some new phones and gadgets coming out next year and they look like props form Minority Report. I wouldn’t wear those necklaces but I think the simple fact that products like that are coming out is cool. The Imaging Phone doesn’t look anything like one, I think it might be the first phone (that I remember at least) that really looks like the normal way to use it is with headphones and not by speaking “to” it. And finally the Kaleidoscope which lets you carry and privately view a few images. A new spin on the wallet full of photos but why only 24, with the memory prices so low?


aj September 26, 2003

That dude with the medallion is Derek Zoolander, isn’t he? :)

With phones (especially in Europe, which has standardized on GSM) becoming commoditized, the only thing that distinguishes them are either gadget features or design…

Everyone’s waiting for Apple to do an iPhone – maybe an iPod based on flash memory that’s also a handsfree phone (with Bluetooth earphones/mic), and like the Vocera ‘comm-badges’, becomes an IP phone in a compatible environment. In the meantime, check out the nifty designs of Xelibri ( – a spinoff of Siemens :)

Patrick September 26, 2003

Ah yes, I thought I recognized him! ;)

Yup, would lurve that iPhone, not sure if it’s coming though but I think it could make a killing, just like the iPod.

I’ve seen the xelibri phones before, personaly I think they look like crap.

mouche September 27, 2003

More and more guys are wearing their phone this way, no kidding.

Patrick September 27, 2003

Mouche, you mean dangling from their necks like jewelry or always on the belt and using a mike and headphone? (I guess the first but I’m surprised…)

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