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When I left my job 2.5 years ago and started freelancing a bit later on I was surprised as hell to see how many people were out and about everywhere in my neighbourhood right in the middle of the day. People having breakast at 1pm on a Tuesday? WTF?? Don’t they have a job? The explanation of course is that there are a lot of freelancers, small companies, students, artists, etc. around.

This study by Hill Strategies Research in Toronto proves that point and then some. They determined the 10 neighbourhoods that had the highest concentration of artists, 5 of those are in Montréal and the second “highest rated” is.. mine! Yeah baby! Can’t move now.


Michel November 3, 2005

[crusty old man]Why don’t you get a real job?[/crusty old man]

(Nice new layout, btw)

Patrick November 3, 2005


Real jobs are overrated :-p

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