Nice Dopplr Effect

I recently got an invite to Dopplr (thx Matt). Haven’t had time to play around with it much but it’s a fun concept, a kind of serendipity enhancer for traveling. Sadly, I don’t travel enough to explore the full interest of it but still a great idea. Anyway, this morning I got a new “fellow traveler” invite, when I clicked the link I came to the person’s page but I wasn’t logged in so I saw something like this:

You see you’re on someone’s page and might recognize him but non members can’t. I love that idea. The image is created on their side when you upload your picture and you can see what it will look like. Well done.

For reference, here’s the image I uploaded for my avatar (other members would see that with different next to it, this is how I see my profile).

Title pun intended


vanou June 14, 2007

is it cool?
can i use it?
should i use it?
or overkill?

Patrick June 14, 2007

You should definitely use it. You travel enough to enjoy it although I don’t know how much of your “network” might be on there already.

Mat June 19, 2007

I travel a fair amount too, but sadly most of my network does not… will take some time before a critical mass in this “travellers niche” adopts the service to make it very worthwhile.

Cool concept though!

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