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I meant to post this before leaving for SXSW but in all the hubhub it slipped my mind. First, the new Socialtext site is online (thx to Seb for the heads up on the project). I did the css/xhtml, “fitted in” the content using Drupal and did some behind the scenes stuff to make it do what we needed. The design is by Adaptive Path but sadly I came in after they were done, would have liked to work with those guys. Interesting for me in that it’s a somewhat “high profile” project in some circle, considering the names on their board of directors and advisors.

A few days later, I put online a new version of my company site, Taste of Blue. The main reason is that I knew I was going to handout a couple of business cards at the conference and my cards still have on them so I wanted all domains to point to the new site, which meant I also needed a french version. It was simpler to make a new, very basic version in two languages than to translate the previous Taste of Blue site. I don’t really need all the text I had on there anyway so I’m much happier with this very toned down version.

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Boris Anthony March 27, 2006

Dis donc… nice job! ;)

Get in touch… I have more good news for you… ;)

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