New Mac minis, how I’ve stopped expecting a PVR

The new Mac minis are out, with the new Front Row and all the possible video output options, we’re almost at the media center point. Still missing a big harddrive but at the same time, I’m not expecting huge hdds to come standard at any point, maybe an Apple addon external drive though.

Of course, the other thing missing is video in for PVR functionality but the more time goes by the more I think they’ll never come out with that. It’s getting easier and easier to grab bittorrents of shows and Apple are bound to add more shows at higher resolutions on the iTunes Store and movies are also, according to most, to be expected. Why go through the trouble of building a PVR? They can provide nearly the same functionality just through the evolution of P2P and by adding services to their market dominating iTunes Store.

Last thing, a lot of the reactions after the launch had to do with the onboard video card. This guy thinks they are wrong, certainly not a great card for gaming but the fact it has access to system memory might actually be a perfect thing when playing video is a priority.

It is, however, designed to deliver absolutely smokin’ video playback to displays more traditionally found in the home; TVs, home theaters, etc…