Nice clean redesign for the CBC, I think it’s pretty recent. Standard compliant! Even using descriptive lists which is pretty rare. I’d like more white space but I guess they weren’t ready for the 1024 layout and I could certainly do without the ginormous banners. I wonder if it was something done internally, haven’t had time to look it up yet.


Boris Anthony June 5, 2006

Hrmm very nicely done! I don’t think a news agency can get away with whitespace though Patrick: data density is too high. The key is avoiding “chart junk” as Tufte would call it. (and then throwing that out with big hinkey ad banners of course! ;)

(and I think you mean definition lists1, dl. dt=definition term and dd=definition definition. ;p I use these a lot myself.)


Patrick June 5, 2006

Potato potâto :-p

Boris Anthony June 6, 2006

tryin’ to be funny? a standard means specifically following a set of specifications and guidelines. That includes using proper nomenclature.

I’m not the web standards compliance specialist here… ;)

hehehe (jte niaiseee ;)

julien June 7, 2006

the banners!!! WHY?????

Patrick June 7, 2006

Why I don’t like the banners or why they have them? Sadly, our public television needs to use advertising as much as private networks :(.

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