Weird coincidence, yesterday I saw the term Metrosexual in a magazine, didn’t know what it was. Today Jish says he’s Metrosexual, did I just wake up to the term and it’s been around for a while or is it pretty new? Either way, the definition he linked is in Urban dictionnary (which seems pretty funny) and I think going by certain definitions on that page some friends who visited from Kitchener a few months back would probably say half the guys on the Plateau in Montral look Metrosexual! ;)


aj September 24, 2003

That reminds me of the time I was showing my roommate’s friend from Jacksonville, FL around the city. We were somewhere around Mount Royal / Parc Lafontaine. Spying a group of well-dressed Montreal guys, she asked, “Are we near the Gay Village?” “Uh, no, we just choose not to wear shorts and sweatshirts everywhere…”

Patrick September 24, 2003

Hehe, good answer :). That’s exactly what happened, 3 guys walking by with thongs/fliplops (weird how the word thong is used for 2 items so different!!) and sleaveless shirts, one or two with highlights and one of my friends asks “is it just me or are there a lot of gays in Montral?”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that ;)

Martine September 24, 2003

Salon recently published a couple of very funny articles about the Metrosexual thing. One of them was all about Beckham:

Here’s another one:

I don’t know if you can see the whole thing without paying (I’m a member).

Patrick September 24, 2003

The first one is interesting and funny but also very over the top in a few places;

“Series like “Oz,” set in a male prison and featuring story lines that revolve around violent buggery, probably look like a kind of sanctuary for some men from the female voraciousness of “Sex and the City.” “ Think again dude!

“Kylie Minogue’s career was recently successfully and spectacularly relaunched as a global brand by her bending over and offering her pert, almost boyish ass literally to the world” boyish! Kylie’s ass! Yeah right!!

“Peter Parker/Tobey Maguire employs designer drugs, clothes, perverse sexuality and multimedia technology to get people to look at him as he swings between the billboards and skyscrapers from what appears to be his own hardening jism” Did we see the same movie??

The second is also funny and taken from the opposite “side”. Especially interesting to see they both refer to Fight Club as examples but in two completely different ways!

Last thing, to answer my own question, I guess I was very late to hear of this term, she says it dates back to 1994!

(The first one is free, for the other you have to click through 3 pages of ads before reading it.)

Alex September 24, 2003

Guys, Neo2 Magazine in Spain calls them heterogay. I think it’s all that Warhol, you know, he was asexual.

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