Macromedia techs.

A quick little rundown giving some more details on how Macromedia Central will work. I didnt realize the applications would be running within Central, for some reason I though Central was just the means of getting and paying the apps. Not sure if that limits the coders/creators much since I havent learned any of the stuff yet. As soon as I get a cure for my procrastination problem I’ll get to it.

This other item might help me though;

Royale is a new product still under development. It’s essentially Flash for programmers. Currently, the Flash authoring tool is widely used by creative people. It has a visual interface, allowing these people to draw, move things around and do all this in a time-line. This interface is something that is very natural for an artist. If you’re a hardcore programmer, you really want a tool to use in a server environment, especially as content merges with logic in next-generation applications, like the Watergate Hotel application I mentioned earlier. To put it another way, programmers aren’t visual; they want code. We hope to deliver Royale later this year.

I actually consider myself a mix of coder and creative person but the coding angle with fit better with what I think I might do in Flash so maybe it’s a better way to get into it. (taken from this article but I quote the only mention of Royale.)