Mac News

Good day yesterday for Apple, they launched iTunes for Windows and posted some pretty good financial results for Q3.

In usual flashy Jobs manner he had recruited Mick Jagger, Bono and Dr Dre. to help boost the launch, they also have a new front page with the headline “Hell froze over. Introducing iTunes for Windows. The best Windows app ever.” It’s still not available in Canada though or anywhere else in the world but the US for that matter. An interesting little gadget launched at the same time is a Belkin media reader for the iPod which lets you transfer pictures from various memory card to the iPod. That’s kind of what I was wishing for a while back although I didn’t think such a bulky adapter would be needed and this one doesn’t even take the XD format my camera uses! Unless it can read it since it accepts SD?

On the financial side, better than expected results and it’s worth noticing that Mac sales went up 7 percent and that Powerbooks in particular went up 145 percent from a year ago proving it was indeed the “year of the laptop” for Apple.