Huh… found this on Apple’s trailers site. First time I’ve ever heard of it which is not a good sign and the story seems a bit all over the place but Sean Connery is in it and visually it seems pretty cool so I’m hoping it’s good but I have to say I’m expecting something forgetable.


aj July 14, 2003

I went to see it on Saturday with Bee…

Given its source (the Alan Moore graphic novel) they removed some of the…um…nastier bits and cleaned it up for a Saturday matinee audience – but the essential conceit, of 19th century adventure novel heroes living contemporaneously, is a nice twist. “Call me Ishmael” indeed! And the identity of the main villain was an ‘aha!’ moment at the end…

Of note, the Agent Tom Sawyer character wasn’t in the original comic book: the screenwriters added him to break up the all-British cast, but it was an addition that made sense in the context of the film.

I think the Mr. Hyde CGI was quite convincing in context – I think he out-hulked the current CGI Hulk…the only unrealistic CGI seemed to be, oddly enough, cityscapes. The camera would fly across the rooftops of London or Venice – but the 3D buildings seemed to be on multiple layers that didn’t follow normal laws of perspective, like they were trying toimitate old multiplane-camera cel animation or matte paintings, but it made it look like the buildings were unsubstantial in a Dark City kind of way…I mean, the rooftops and cityscapes of Sly Cooper and The Thievius Racoonus look more solid, and that’s on PS2…

Wasn’t Stuart Townsend just doing a variation on Johnny Depp, though?

Hmm…what next…a revival of Doc Savage? John Carter of Mars?

Patrick July 14, 2003

I think you’re right about the Hulk comparison, I’ve expressed the same feeling in private but didnt include it in the post since my opinion was based only on previews, not on the actual movie.

Havent read the graphic novel yet but I plan to get around to it, like you said, the heroes living contemporaneously is a good idea and I’m looking forward to reading more about it.

Yep, I guess he was a bit like Depp but I’ve given up on unique performances. If within the movie I like it that’s enough for me. Kind of like with Pacino, sure he always plays the same guy but if in whatever movie I’m watching it fits, I try to not remember the other instances of the character.

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