Looking Forward to The End of The Day


  • Got up early to head for a meeting I knew was going to be useless.
  • Project manager calls at 7h42 to push back meeting to afternoon.
  • After more discussion before lunch, meeting pushed back to tomorrow morning.


    Trying to get answers for another client’s server; “I can’t reach the I.T. guy, he’s Italian and unreachable during the game.

    Late afternoon

  • Almost an hour to get to pickup spot then drive to game (damned hippodrome).
  • Play 3 points. Lightning, closely followed by rain.
  • Stop game and head for cover (because of lightning of course, we don’t care about no rain ;) )
  • Wait 30 minutes, cancel game.
  • Drive back home, get stuck in Italian trafic jam along Jean Talon. 1 hour to get back.

    Nothing all that bad but the day felt much longer than it could have.