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[Randomness too long to tweet] Most every morning I walk from de Lorimier and Mont-Royal towards St-Laurent and St-Viateur. Two things catch my eye almost every time.

The city seems to have given up on winter maintenance of Laurier Park. Paths are literally 10 inches of ice, stairs are barely usable. The citizens have taken it upon themselves to do the maintenance. Sadly, the solution they chose is to pave the park with dog shit.
You know in movies when scores of people come out of the woodwork either zombified or taken over by some alien lifeform? And they mindlessly converge on some dastardly destination where evil will ocur? In the morning the east side of the Mile-End neighbourdhood looks like that with hords of Ubisoftians heading for their hive on St-Laurent.


Eric Baillargeon March 3, 2009

Idem pour la glace dans les allés au Parc Lafontaine!

the milliner March 3, 2009

As someone who actually picks up their dog’s shit in Parc Laurier, I’ll point out that what’s even worse is when the snow & ice melt and all your left with is the shit in the spring. Not pretty.

On a brighter note, bought myself some of those everyday crampons that you can put over your boots & they work quite well on the icy paths of the park.

karl March 4, 2009

once again, this winter has started with a few cycle of icy rain which made it very difficult. There are patches of ice everywhere. I don’t think it is city faults at all.

What would be interesting more than saying there are things which are wrong. I would be interested by any practical idea on how to remove such ice. I have looked at machines. It’s not they don’t pass, it’s just that they can’t remove it. It’s quite impressive in fact. I was thinking would heating systems work? no, problably too costly. Maybe trying harder on the ice, but that would destroy the roads and people will complain that roads are damaged in spring. Maybe it is not easily solvable.

Really this is a tough issue with a very specific weather.

lightspeedchick March 4, 2009

Hey! I’ll have you know we don’t “mindlessly” converge to our hive of evil. It’s all very intentional. :)

Patrick March 4, 2009

@karl y’a litéralement un pied de glace sur le trottoir dans le parc, parfaitement visible coin Brébeuf et Laurier, ils ont “tranché” dedans sur ce coin et tu vois très bien. Si ils déblayaient comme il faut quand c’est de la neige, ce serais presque complètement fondu maintenant, comme sur les trottoirs des rues. Pour les marches, c’est de la fonte qui coule par là, je peut accepter que ce soit difficile mais il y a un bureau des cols bleus à 60 pieds, j’aimerais bien voir un peut de sel ou gravier quand même, pas de la glace vive.

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