Last Few Months in Movies

In the last couple of months I’ve seen a few movies and didn’t take the time to post about them, here’s a list with short reviews.

Science des rêves, La

Gondry must smoke some good stuff. Crazy dreamy world, beautifully analog looking, miles away from the all digital of recent years. Well acted all around, funny, sweet, sad. The almost documentary look didn’t do it for me in the beginning but it fits the movie well and proved a good choice. A great movie.

(Side note: how many actors can act in movies in three languages with no dubbing? Well done by Garcia Bernal)

The Fountain

Another director/writer who seems to be well versed in illicit substances. Weird winding obscure not quite understandable world. Beautifully beautifully shot and rendered, I loved the atmosphere and colors of every period. The ending was a bit disappointing and hard to comprehend but I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Casino Royale

Best bond evah! Craig might be even better than Connery. As everyone has already said; a lot grittier, more violent and more vicious, all good things in this case. I loved the attitude Craig gave Bond, more of a “bounty hunter” feel than the “musketeer” of the last few. One thing that bugged me; the parkour scene from the beginning is very trendy but its impossible feel doesn’t quite fit with the rest in my opinion. Loved the humor and all the other action scenes, the settings and Eva Green.

Bood Diamond

Very very dark story, horrible scenes because you know they’re plucked from history and what’s still happening in Africa. A great performance from DiCaprio and, as I’ve read elsewhere, a movie where he looks like he belongs in a man’s role, looks rugged enough to not look like a kid with a gun. I don’t know the accents and patoie enough to really judge but he seemed believable to me speaking them. I thought Djimon Hounsou did a bit too much “crazy dad in pain yelling” but he also delivers a very touching intense performance. Jennifer Connelly is hot and pretty good. I was disappointed with the ending or rather the pre-ending but generally happy with the film.