Time to Move Your Blog

[By the way, promo doesn’t end with July 1st, it’s still available.]

Here in Québec (Montréal especially), it’s a tradition to move around the weekend of July 1st, a lot of leases end last day of June and everywhere around town you see moving trucks climbing sidewalks and unloading Ikea furniture and futons.

In the spirit of that time, I’m offering a new “product”. In exchange for you opening an account on Dreamhost (which provides me with a referrer fee), I’ll move your blog for free to that new hosting space of yours and set you up with WordPress. Sound good? Contact me and we’ll talk.

(Aussi disponible en français évidemment, incluant WordPress qui sera aussi installé en français.)


Philippe-A. June 26, 2006

Tu me niaises tu?

Patrick June 27, 2006

Nope. Pas de niaisage.

Remarque bien que ça te transfert à un thème existant, donc tu fit ton thème “Demayien” toi-même, je n’inclus pas la “traduction” d’un style perso de Blogger à WordPress.

Martine June 27, 2006

Bon, c’est vraiment l’offre qui devrait faire que je me déniaise. :-)

Patrick June 28, 2006

Ça adonne bien, tu fais partie du marché cible ;)

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