Halloween Moments

Best halloween weather in years, walking along my street under trees still colored with fall leaves, surprised at all the people who have dressed up themselves and their homes to welcome kids. Great atmosphere along the whole block, everyone smiling, kids laughing and running everywhere. Usually I’m not big on holidays and happy smiley things but it was fun to see.

Later on, dinner with great friends. Good food, good wine, good conversation, exploding fondu pot, eating melted chocolate straight from the table cloth, a few glasses of vintage port, 5-6 hours gone buy without noticing. Good times.

Even later, ironic outing to a cheap ass bar, drinking large beers sitting at a dirty table, pool table covered in little triangle sandwiches, doritos and celery stick. Drunk 40 something bipolar woman going table to table for encouragement on her emminent rendition of a Led Zep hit. Dredge of society band blasting nearly unintelligible wall of sound towards us, bipolar woman encouraging pb to sing along, possibly hitting on him. Posters of Elvis, Che and Bob Marley one next to the other on the superb faux wood walls, drunken costumed red necks applauding. Is that a man or a woman? Both? Time to go.


Alex November 3, 2003

I’m just commenting on the writing: exploded fondu pot, eating melted chocolate straight from the table cloth – that image is splendid. and so is the last paragraph, faux wood walls and everything.

Patrick November 3, 2003

Thx :) You know you’re in trouble when one of the things that keeps poping up in your head while in such a place is “I gotta blog this”, even worse when your buddy leans over and says “you gotta blog this”.

Speaking of good writing, loved your Park Junction Blues entry.

Martine November 3, 2003

But I heard the morning after was a bit rough…

Hope you’re feeling better!

Patrick November 3, 2003

The morning after was indeed rough but I’m not sure where the rest of the weekend also being rough and with fever came from though.

Better now, thx for asking.

Pioube November 3, 2003

I really enjoyed the night. My body didn’t. Bad reaction toward Ms Crabtree, not alcohol…

La Flamme Rouge November 3, 2003

Je ne te connaissais pas cette touche sentimentale… l’âge, je suppose?

Pat, le poète du blog ! mais j’aime :-)

Patrick November 3, 2003

Pioube: Maybe it was something in the beer or air or something, all three of us were sick the next day!

lfr: sentimental?? ouinnn, mettons.

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