Gorgeous Photography

Max Lyons is a fan and artist of stitched photography, lost of information and gorgeous photos on his site. I haven’t looked through all of them yet, started with the Canadian Rockies series which feature a few pictures of some of my favorite places like Moraine and Maligne lakes. All his shots are beautiful and very detailed. Also check out his gigapixel project.


Claudia December 8, 2003

good link, good photoblog. I’m really puzzled: how did you come across Patty Diphusa? Is Almodóvar popular in Canada? :-)

Patrick December 8, 2003


I can’t say about the whole of Canada but in Montréal there was a lot of buzz around Hable con ella and previously for Todo sobre mi madre so he’s well known to anyone not restricting themselves to blockbusters. As for the book, it was actually in one of the featured products section at one of my favorite french language libraries.

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