Google Buys Jotspot

Google should just buy the internet and get it over with. I’m tired of this shit. Can we have more than 3 companies owning everything?

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Alexandre November 2, 2006

One thing that I find interesting is that JotSpot wasn’t that major a player, IMHO. I think they were more into the corporate world that Google tends to be, and this one is a good candidate for the “Google apps for your domain” thing. So, we’ll see what’ll happen here.
As for the tendency for everything to merge or to be acquired, it can be frustrating but it may also open up some niches (long tail and all). Those who don’t dream of dominating the marketplace can find a comfortable niche to fit in to fill the void left by the former independent entity. You do need to be even more inventive to survive in such a heavily merged world, but inventiveness isn’t lacking, online.

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