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Marie-Claude November 26, 2007

Sad to say, my blog is only “Postgrad”. I wonder how they calculate this…

blork November 27, 2007

The argument could be made that one should shoot for a lower rating, because the higher the rating the less “accessible” the writing is.

I base this on a similar test I saw a few years ago, that took exactly that approach. The idea was that writing that required a very high level of education to understand tended to be full of overly long, convoluted sentances with overly complicated structure and lots of “academic-ese.”

Writing that required only a high school education, on the other hand, was more succinct, direct, and clear.

But that was then. Who knows how this site evaluates text. And I’m not going to accuse you of convoluted writing based on your “Genius” rating. ;-)

But that’s one of the problems with these various online “tests;” any idiot can make up a test and put it online. They don’t explain their methods, so they’re basically meaningless. (Sure, they’re just for fun, but it bugs me that so many people seem to have lost the distinction between the two.)

Patrick November 27, 2007


“The argument could be made that one should shoot for a lower rating,”
Yeah, that’s partly why I was laughing, because it confirms what some have told me, that I write about a bunch of things they don’t understand. ;)

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