Fuck You, SuperFunCrapAssWall

If you’re on Facebook, you might have noticed that a lot of applications exist and a lot of them constantly ping you when people try to add, poke, write, vampire, werewolf and compare you. One of the most annoying is SuperWall because when people who have the application installed see your profile they see a SuperWall on your profile even if you DONT have it installed. They write something and the piece of crap application sends you a notification making it sound like the SuperWall exists. Sneaky and annoying as hell.

After complaining about it in my status, MC informed me that you can block applications! I looked into it and it’s very simple, if a bit hidden out. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the Applications page.
  • Browse for the app you want to block, for example SuperWall.
  • Look in the right column and at the bottom you’ll find a link “Block Application”.
  • Click that and you’re done.

    Ahhhh, peace.

    I’m getting major déja vu writing this, hopefully I’m not repeating myself but I’m too lazy/busy to verify ;).

    [Update] You should probably opt out of Beacon as well by going in your external websites privacy settings.

    [Update to the update] Ed has a detailed explanation with screenshots.


Matt December 7, 2007

sheesh! thanks for this.

Philippe Martin December 7, 2007

Je pense que tu n’es pas le seul que ce « wall pas fun » énerve http://tinyurl.com/yrqhnn

Patrick December 7, 2007

Moi je donne des solutions pour une fois ;)

Mat December 7, 2007

when a web application forces you to go to such lengths *just to make the experience worthwhile* you really have to reconsider the web application itself.

i suggest you opt out of FB, wholesale. (like me!) ;)

Patrick December 7, 2007

I would but 90% of events around here are announced and scheduled through FB, if I want to know about them, I need an account.

A few months ago I largely stopped using it, took out email notifications and hiked up privacy but I pretty much “have” to keep the account open.

lightspeedchick December 8, 2007


Mat December 8, 2007

Eventually events will be scheduled on open formats… eventually.

Bruno Boutot December 9, 2007

Merci Patrick.
Je me demandais justement si tous les gens qui m’ont envoyé des trucs sur un FunWall ou SuperWall étaient avisés que je n’avais pas l’application ou s’ils pensent simplement que je boude leurs (sûrement) très bô cadeaux.
Maintenant, ils vont sans doute encore me prendre pour un ermite mais plus pour un sauvage.

Caro December 16, 2007


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