Frickin’ Jack

You know what? That frickin’ Jack is really starting to get on my damned nerves. Boyscout doesn’t begin to explain it. Dumbarse.



John February 16, 2006

He’s just sulking because Sawyer took his guns away and now that he’s not the leader anymore, nobody listens to him.

Sayid and Locke should be running that place.

Patrick February 16, 2006


Plus, Jack turned down Kate, how sane can he be really?

Michel February 17, 2006

Then again, Kate is with the hobbit (um, in real life), so how sane can she be.
Honestly, though, this show is really starting with the suckage. They have to start answered some questions at some point, but I’m no longer with the caring.

Patrick February 17, 2006

Good point. And yes, they are certainly stretching it thin, going down the rankings in my opinion.

Martine February 17, 2006

Speaking of Kate, Pat, I thought you might like to know that she’s the one doing the podcast this week for Lost.

That’s a podcast you might actually care for. ;-)

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