French students to get open-source software on USB key

I’d love to see something like this happening here;

French authorities will give out 175,000 USB memory sticks loaded with open-source software to Parisian high-school students at the start of the next school year.

The sticks will give the students, aged 15 and 16, the freedom to access their e-mail, browser bookmarks and other documents on computers at school, home, a friend’s house or in an Internet café—but at a much lower cost than providing notebook computers for all, a spokesman for the Greater Paris Regional Council said Friday.

It’s a way to reduce the digital divide, said spokesman Jean-Baptiste Roger.

The sticks will probably contain the Firefox 2 Web browser, Thunderbird e-mail client, an office productivity suite such as 2, an audio and video player, and software for instant messaging, he said.—French students to get open-source software on USB key


Julie February 5, 2007


Next, we should work on trying to attain no-charge University, just like in france… :-)

Yan February 6, 2007

They could also give cds instead of USB keys, it might not make news, but then again with the money saved the “authorities” could feed people and help their fellow man. “It’s a way to reduce the digital divide” – give me a break, I am all for technology and Free software, but I believe sometimes people miss out on the real issues.

And for the geek in you … It’s already there.

Patrick February 6, 2007

I see what you mean but in this case the key is useful because you use it as a “nano laptop”, carrying it around with your apps and files, you then plug it in any computer and you’ve got all your stuff ready.

That’s why they talk about digital divide, kids who don’t have access to a computer or possibly not in a very work friendly environment can go to the library and have their whole setup with them.

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