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This article in Business Week is mostly numbers with not that much content but it’s still pretty interesting, if only for a yearly look at which brands are going well value wise.

A few things I’ve noticed and weren’t noted in the article: Sony is only at 20 and went down a bit while Nike is at 31, the Honda brand is worth as much as BMW, UBS—which I’ve never heard of—is ahead of MTV and VW, eBay just made it to the list and is ahead of Yahoo and Amazon, Porshe wasn’t on the list and is only coming in now at 74, Levi’s is still going down (10% this year at 85). The full listing is on Interbrand’s site.

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Boris Anthony August 8, 2004

I’m having a hard time with this list. They start by pretending to explain how brands are evaluated, but don’t really. How do they evaluate “brand value”? They speak of projected revenues etc, but that’s business, not brand/mindshare. And gees are they comparing apples to oranges… how do you compare cola, cars, online services, etc???

I dunno. Brand is cultural. It is mindshare stuff. And in a rapidly fragmenting culture, this kind of list quickly becomes irrelevant, and the decision makers who heed it, also. IMHO. :)

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