Constant Bowing

It’s pretty sickening to see how our government keeps bowing to US pressures in various fields, sometimes seemingly without even bothering to confirm facts and analyze the situation. The media isn’t being helpful by “reporting” based on talking points by the plaintifs, only a few people seem to really follow such issues, in this case Michael Geist following the supposed camcording and pirating of movies where Canada is being blamed for insane percentages with no actual proof—actually all the proof is contrary to that—and where Harper is now answering with new legislation.

I know pressure accounts heavily in such decisions and not just ideas and what’s right but I have to mention something that comes up for me on pretty much all country and province directions; stop looking at the fucking US for guidance and comparison!! They lead virtually nothing these days! Look at scandinavian countries, at asia. Basing legal decisions and policy directions on backward looking uninventive consumer fighting corporations is not the way to make those decisions.

(Same kind of argument for the environment, same for health services, etc.)