Conference Madness

Conference season seems to be starting for me. Yesterday I bought my ticket for my third SXSW. It’s spring break for geeks with loads of parties, sun and, of course, great panels to attend. If you’re a web developer or designer and have never been, you should come down at least once. There were 15-16 Quebecers last year and we had a blast.

Saturday is BarCamp Montréal 3, loads of people have registered and are speaking, don’t miss it if you’re in town.

Next Wednesday I’ll be in NY for FOWD, the schedule is way too packed with too short sessions but it should be interesting anyway and I haven’t been in NY in a few years.

The same day is FacebookCamp Montréal which obviously I’ll be missing but should be good.

November 14th Sylvain (he’s actually involved in all 3 camps, crazy frog!) is organizing WebCamp Montréal #0 (look for it on Facebook) as a side event to Webcom, I plan to attend that too and there should be some good discussions there.

Finally, bit of a long shot. The good people of Vancouver are holding Web Directions North January 28th to February 2nd, according to all reports last year’s event was awesome. Although people also agree that it’s worth the money, the $795 ticket price is pretty steep, add to that airfare and the fact I’ll be in Austin a month later and you’ll understand why chances of finding me there are pretty slim. I do think it’s worth going though so if some of my readers are interested, it might be a good idea to bunch together, they give a free ticket to anyone who can refer 4 people who register so we could split the free ticket 5 ways instead. Maybe a $636 ticket would convince me ;).