Can’t. Run. Any. More.

[Most of you might want to skip this, it’s both sports and diaryish!]

Jeebus!! I think this afternoon was the most tired I’ve ever been in my life. Mephisto, one of the best ultimate frisbee teams in Canada, organised a tournament today. It was supposed to be all levels but it was very strong and not co-ed which ultimate usually is. It started with a “warmup” and I have to say that a warmup for a team of that level is has tiring as some of the easiest games I’ve played at lower levels. We then ran some drills and played a first game, then BBQ and then two more games.

That’s where the tired as all hell part comes in, I skipped the third game because I couldn’t run anymore. No, really. A few reasons for it; friday I woke up at 4h30 to catch a flight to T.O., came back at 22h00 and then went out until 2am or so (took yesterday slow but still…), haven’t played for 10 months except for the first three games of the season where I’m playing at a much much much lower league level.

Mostly though, I’m used to playing “handler” (the ones who control the disk and usually don’t run as much) and today I ended up playing “long” a lot of the time. When you’re playing “long” you’re basically like a wide receiver in football. I did good and scored a few points but it’s exhausting. Especially trying to lose guys who play 5 levels higher than I’m doing this year.

So yeah, tiiiiired. I live 12 minutes walk from the metro and when I got off I actually considered taking a taxi I was so tired (didn’t). Still can’t believe it which is why I’m writing this, diary part of this blog ;). Two summers ago I played end of season tournaments with both of my teams, back to back days, 7 games. I wasn’t as tired as today. Five years ago I was in planes and airports, not sleeping, for 24 hours, awake the day before and “touristing” for 10 hours right off the plane, in all 46 hours not sleeping. I wasn’t as tired as today.


PBC June 20, 2006

Je n’ai pas hâte d’être vieux…

Patrick June 20, 2006

Profites-en le jeune :-p

Je pensais que tu serais là d’ailleur…

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