Canada’s oil supply could top Saudi Arabia

The study suggests planned capacity expansions in the Alberta oilsands over the next decade will exceed even those in Saudi Arabia.—Canada’s oil supply could top Saudi Arabia


lightspeedchick January 11, 2006

Yeah! Let’s separate!

Mr. Moral January 11, 2006

Chances are that with the current economics Alberta will be the first to leave Canada and force the creation of a real federation.

God save the Queen .

aj January 11, 2006

and if we extracted all the oil in the tar sands using current method (steam, basically), it would create a body of polluted water 5 times the size of the Great Lakes. No thank you. It’s also uneconomical in real terms, as the energy return to energy input ratio is very low, something like 3 to 1, and when it’s near depletion, it’s 1 to 1 or less. Currently, it’s all powered by natural gas, and geologists say that its supply will probably ‘crash’ soon. In any case, due to bizarre NAFTA regulation, we have to sell most of our NG to the States! So then what…do we build nuke plants in order to get enough energy to extract oil from tar? seems to be a vicious cycle. (my uncle worked for Suncor, so that’s how I know. It only seems economical because prices are high now…)

instead of looking for ways to continue business as usual, why not look for ways to a) reduce unnecessary driving, period? City designs, zoning, urban planning and public transit etc. and b)

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