Boston vs St-Louis

Funny stat I heard amongst all the Red Sox Championship talk.

  • 1957 Celtics win there first championship. Against St-Louis.
  • 1970 Bruins win first champ. in 41 years. Against St-Louis Blues.
  • 2002 Patriots win first SuperBowl. Agains St-Louis Rams.
  • 2004 Red Sox win first champ. in 86 years. Agains St-Louis Cards.


    Oh, and I just have to say it again. It is NOT a World championship. Soccer is a world sport. Rugby. Even Cricket is more world than baseball.

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Kate M. November 2, 2004

The story is that the original championship was not a “world championship” but was a baseball series sponsored by a now defunct newspaper called, iirc, the Boston World. Hence the World Series. But are the Americans ever going to change it to the “U.S. baseball championship”? Don’t hold your breath.

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