Bloggers explaining the Blogosphere

Once again some quality content at Microdoc News, this time an article that is mostly a patchwork of quotes from various blogger opinions (hence the title). For “veterans” it makes for a good recap of recent ideas and discussions concerning the blogosphere. It can also be a good intro for people discovering blogs. From the intro:

We cannot see the blogosphere, and we cannot experience the blogosphere in its totality, we can experience it only in our minds and in reading and interacting with one weblog at a time.

Sounds a bit Matrixy.


Alex July 1, 2003

haha! I like that quote! It sounds all Zen at first (We cannot experience the blogosphere…the blogosphere cannot experience us…), but then you see that what they’re really trying to say is that the blogoshphere is much more than news and opinions on those news! I mean, they just dont want to create a stereotyped vision of what a blog is.

Patrick July 1, 2003

I think you’re right. I also think they want to say that the blogosphere is not one place you can “go to” and read. It’s the accumulation of what you find in multiple blogs, it’s dissiminated information from a multitude of sources instead of one news source.

You can get many opinions in other media (although often very similar from source to source) but it’s easier to click from blog to blog or “space bar” from headline to headline in rss to get a varied opinion than it is to read many newspapers or magazines. It’s also easy to channel surf but then the content doesn’t wait for you as it does on the web. Capturing it with Tivo is closer but still much harder.

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