Beating out Hollywood

Seems that this summer Qubec made movies are beating out the big hollywood blockbusters at the box office.

Pretty good analysis in this Globe and Mail article, especially the part where movies costing 6-7$ millions are successes at 4-5$ millions in theaters, I know you need to add international (sometimes) contracts and video revenues but that’s still not a big chance for profit. I’m looking forward to seeing complete numbers for Les Invasions Barbares, including the international take.

Also notice the point about Qubec “tabloids” that center on local movies as opposed to anglo ones that are US produced which possibly hurts Canadian movies as opposed to Qubecois ones, hadnt thought of it that way.

In related “news”, I’ve just finished going through the new issue of Premiere magazine (which doesn’t seem to be online yet), we hear a lot about all the movies being shot around Montral but it’s still surprising, and fun, to see how many time the name comes up in the fall movie preview. Can’t believe the only star I’ve seen this summer is Angelina, seems to me I should be crossing paths with movie starts every other day!

(globe and mail article via montreal weblog)