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Lately I’ve been on a minor MP3 binge. I’ve already posted about MP3 Blogs. This time I’ve got a few interesting more content oriented MP3 sites. First It Conversations where you can find various interviews with intelligent people who know what they’re talking about. Like Lawrence Lessig, Tim O’Reilly or Dave Sifry meeting the Gillmor Gang. Speaking of Lessig, you can also find readings of all chapters of his latest book, Free Culture.


Zeke July 28, 2004


Do you know of anything like Hello with Blogger where I could get some MP3s hosted, so that I could put them up on my blog?


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Martine July 28, 2004

You might like the audio blogs provided by this couple:

Patrick July 29, 2004

Zeke: Dunno, there’s quite a few somewhat inexpensive web hosts with large bandwith allowances though so you might try that. I could always host a couple so we could see how much bandwith you need.

Martine: Ooooookayyy. Interesting. She sure giggles a lot. Too bad they post only every couple of months ;)

Zeke July 30, 2004


Thanks for the offer, but I’m guessing, that I’d quickly wear out my welcome. More by the amount that I would want to put up, than by the bandwidth. :-)

And thanks for the tip about IT Conversations. Very cool.

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