A Legend

Yesterday Martina Navratilova won the doubles final of the Rogers Cup (site seems to be down). She’s 49 and has been playing pro for 33 years. Thirty three years! She’d been playing for 10-15 years when most of today’s stars were born and she’s still not only holding her own in doubles (she retired from singles play years ago) but winning tournaments.

Ivanovic, who won in singles, is 19, Navratilova was in her 14th season when the girl was born. Martina Hingis is 25, has already had a great carreer and was named in honor of Navratilova who was already a great player when Hingis was born. The legendary player will be retiring after the US Open next week.


me August 22, 2006

The french link for the rogers cup is working

Boris Anthony August 23, 2006

Psh, bouncing a ball around a court is nothing… My mother, who is 65, windsurfs and rollerblades and bikes almost every day, and is now looking to switch from windsurfing to kite boarding. THAT is impressive.


And what the hell is a Rogers Cup? What happened to tournaments named in honor of someone who excelled at the game, or a major benefactor (without commercial interests)? You know what happened? It became a business.

Turn of your TV and go play.

[drunk. forgive me. ;) ]

karl August 24, 2006

Turn of your TV and go f…

[not drunk. but still forgive me. ;)]

Patrick August 24, 2006

Huhhh, where did you guys see a tv in there?? Ever heard of the papers? The web? Radio?

Boris, you’re right, that is impressive.

karl August 25, 2006

Turn of the Web and go p…

[still not drunk. naaah you are not forced to forgive me. ;)]

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