Web 2.doh!

For the last few weeks (especially), there have been post on post trying to define what Web 2.0 is. I'm going through them anyway and quoting some bits here.


John Blossom - Shore Communications Inc. October 24, 2005

Great summary, it’s important to note that the Web 2.0 technology mavens really haven’t done a good job defining where the Web is going – in part because the transparency of technology increasingly makes the web about content, not technology. Our thoughts on Content 2.X as the true reality of these transitions at:

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John Blossom
Shore Communications Inc.

Dion Hinchcliffe - Web 2.0 Blog October 24, 2005

I agree, this is an excellent summary of the latest thinking on Web 2.0. I referenced it my Web 2.0 application design post (click below on my name to read).

Keep up the great work.


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