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Hack Update

So, a few people asked what happened exactly when my blog was hacked by f0cking spammers. First off, it seems WordPress 2.3.3 fixes the issue. More importantly though, unless you delete all themes, which you won’t do because of course you want to keep yours, the hack will still be there after the upgrade. The […]

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A lovely hacker edited my templates and added code that injects spammy links in my pages for visits from search engines. The links are hidden to viewers but seen by search engines. As a result, Google de-indexed my blog. I removed the offending code but to prevent further hacks I’m also updating to WordPress 2.5 […]

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Domain Kings

These guys are briliant and yet only a few steps away from spammers. A detailed look at The man who owns the Internet and other domain kings—for some reason mostly based in Vancouver—and their sneeky ways. I want to be one of them (moneyyyy) and at the same time slap them silly. I hate the […]

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