Measure Map and Veen Go To Google

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If you read even a small percentage of the same blogs I do, I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Google has bought Measure Map from Adaptive Path. What’s less evident when reading that post is that Jeffrey Veen is following the app. and leaving AP. (Lane lists some of the goodbyes)

I’m kind of on the fence on this. AP is one of my favorite groups of web people, especially since I met a few of them and saw their presentations so I’m happy for them, nice accomplishment. I mean, they sold an app. that was in private beta for christ sake! However, it also means they are losing Veen (Indi Young left a few days before) and that one more fun application is disapearing in a big company.

I know, I know, it’s good for scaling, it won’t completely disappear but still, I like when I can use cool little things that feel built by people I can email. Flickr still seems that way so it’s good but… just not the same as before.

Back to the positive though, maybe in a few months we’ll hear about the Veenization of Google design and usability wise, just as we read about the Flickrization of Yahoo with Stewart and Caterina influencing the community awarenes and openess of their new employers.

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