Crazy Ass Juggling

Insane crazy ass juggling timed to music. (Looks like it was at the Just for laughs festival)


Steven Mansour March 26, 2006

In my desktop aggregator, I get an article entitled “The back-door deals of the Canadian porn industry”, and right above, I see your “Crazy Ass Juggling” entry, which I of course read as ” Crazy “Ass-Juggling” ”…

Patrick March 26, 2006


Might make for an interesting screenshot and a Flickr pool for such things ;)

mare March 27, 2006

Another juggler got really annoyed by this and made his own version, with five balls. [direct link to video]

Patrick March 27, 2006

Is it real? Looks almost impossible. Not as fluid but some even better moves than the first. Nuts. Thanks for the link.

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