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The core of this blog relates to web development, freelancing, technology, basically anything that has to do with the internet and how it works. You are currently seeing only posts related to those core subjects.

Career Hybrids

Article written during a client contract which I can share here. I’m usually interested in hybrids across the board, i.e. spaces, organizations and people. In this case I was asked to focus on hybrid careers. Chances are that if you’ve heard the term “hybrid” in the last few years, it was in reference to a […]

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Back in time

Back in early 2014 I worked on a couple of content projects for a client, some of it was finished, some not but more importantly the thing as a whole was scrapped at the very end somewhat abruptly. A year later, I’ve managed to get permission to publish most of it here and finally decided […]

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Update, a Unit and Coffee

Last year I gave a couple of tries at getting back into blogging, not super successful so far but I’m trying again, starting with another update. As I’ve mentioned before, I am now going forward with a new service offering, which is slow going but I closed 2014 with a couple of good contracts and […]

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The (IOT) Revolution Will Not Be Televised

My friend Alex has an excellent set of slides which serves as a great intro to the Internet of Things (IoT) and covers a lot of ground. (Her whole Slideshare account is a gold mine of IoT stuffs.) The (IOT) Revolution Will Not Be Televised from Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

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Some crazy realistic 3D face modeling.

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