Travel Guides

Which travel guides do you use? Lonely Planet, Let’s Go, DK, …. Don’t answer “the web”. I’m looking for something that will help me lower mid-budget.

For example In Paris I’d look for 50-60-70€ a night for a hotel room, not 130€ which is sometimes refered to as mid-budget and not the cheap little place at 15€ in the half basement behind the church, right after the crack den. Lets say the “I have money, I just don’t want to get screwed and I like clean and well situated” bracket.

I used to use Let’s Go but even though they have good stuff, there was too much shoestring backbacker content for me. I had the Lonely Planet Paris which was pretty good.


m-c January 18, 2006

i usually buy the lonely planet or time out guide.. cheap, handy and good

Marc Snyder January 18, 2006

Lonely Planet. Always.


lightspeedchick January 18, 2006

You know my opinion on the issue, but I’ll state it anyway… LP all the way :)

Susan January 19, 2006

Lonely Planet all the way. I’ve used it through many parts of Europe and find their resto and hotel descriptions spot on. Made the mistake of trying Rough Guide and Let’s Go on two other trips and was severely disappointed.

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