TV Sounds

So I’m watching Law and Order and I’m reminded of a post I thought about last week. What is your favorite “trademark sound” from tv shows and/or the one you find the most distinctive. Not theme song, just a sound or few notes. Examples:

  • Patatuhh. Patatatatuh! (with fast cuts of NY landscape) on the dearly departed NYPD Blue.
  • TunnTung. on Law and Order, at every transition. As Lightspeedchick would say: Murder, tunntung, get in the car tunntung, talk to judge, tunntung.
  • Twing twing! Pah pah twing twing!! the background music playing every time Kirk on the original Star Trek was fighting a purple guy with horns so he could get his hands on the purple chick in a bathing suit.




Michel September 15, 2005

Well, since it’s starting tonight, the throats sounds at the beginning of Survivor makes me happy.

Martine September 15, 2005

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

The digital timer on 24. I swear I have a light switch in my house that makes this exact same sound.

blork September 15, 2005

Also with the 24:


(The phone ringer)

lightspeedchick September 15, 2005

Actually the 24 ticker goes:

Poop. Peep. Poop. Peep. Poop. Peep. Poop.

Martine September 15, 2005

That’s funny, MJ, because I thought I would write exactly that: POOP PEEP, but I was afraid it would read funny. ;-)

John September 15, 2005

(let’s try this again)

I like the TARDIS sound – “SKRAAANK-SKRAAANK” from Doctor Who.

And the big “THUMP!” from Lost.

karl September 18, 2005

The sounds of tires of Starsky and Hutch when the car is starting. And the laugh of the voice of Magnum P.I. in French.

How so I sound my age. :p

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