Real Life TV Character

Following various unrelated things bouncing around in my head, I just had this idea: Which TV character would you most like to have exist in the real world? Right this second I’m thinking Clark Kent from Smallville, I could talk him into being the muscle and help me rule the world. Mouahahaha. Kidding! Or maybe Kate from Lost so I could censored, huh ok. Your turn!



Martine April 12, 2005

Kate: brunette, mince, picotée. J’aurais dû deviner! ;-)

I would love for Jack Bauer to be real so I could have a good talk with him and remind him to always make sure he waits for his backup to arrive. Man, the guy will never learn.

And while I’m on “24”, how about David Palmer as the president of the United States instead of the current clown?

Patrick April 13, 2005

Kate: Oh Oh, on dirait que je suis prévisible! :-p

Jack: He really should wait. But then again, 24 backups are just “red shirts”, they get killed as soon as they get off the ship SUV!

Palmer: What an excellent idea!!

John April 14, 2005

I’d prefer Jed Bartlett if he wasn’t in the advanced stages of MS.

Clark Kent would probably help you rule the world because, for a future superhero, he seems kind of slow. He’d be open to suggestion.

I’d like to see Doctor Who as a real life guy. He always seems to be looking out for us humans. And if I met him I could go time-travelling in his TARDIS.

blork April 14, 2005

I’ve thought about this for a few days and I still can’t think of anyone. I guess I don’t watch enough TV.

On the other hand, I can think of PLENTY of real-life people who I wish were only TV characters!

Patrick April 14, 2005

Maybe a one to one swap then. Bartlett in real life and Bush on the Westwing… or on 24!! ;)

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