One – Two Punch

Two very very good posts that I found one after the other, both on sites I didn’t know before.

First this great story on Waiter rant, very well written and personal. It’s much longer that what I write and than most of what I link but do take the time to read the whole thing. It’s a “slice of life” in the best sense possible.

Second, in a completely different register; The Life of a Phone Monkey is a bit like Dilbert and “a big bit” like real life in sales.

You’d think you were talking to God, the way this guy acts. The call will usually start off with something like “How did you get this number?” Hey buddy, I looked up your company on the Internet, called the main number, asked for the guy with the stupid shit-eating grin on the management webpage, and lo and behold, they transferred me to you. Guys like this usually find it necessary to verbally berate me in a pathetic attempt to show how powerful they are. In reality, I just picture some fat prick with jowls and a beer gut whose ass I would kick if he ever pulled that shit in real life. If I didn’t give a shit about job security, I’d show him what being pissed off is really like. Of course, if I’m calling a company like Halliburton or Diebold, I’d probably end up having an “accident” one day on my way to work.

(Via the one and only Jonas Parker)