Kai Brach on Newsletters

Newsletters are making (have made?) a comeback, don’t you know? Great explanation on why Kai writes his (excellent) Dense Discovery.

For me, the good ol’ newsletter sits nicely in between the two. It’s a little publication I dispatch to your inbox once a week where it sits patiently until you decide what to do with it. It won’t disappear. Its position in your inbox will not change due to your previous behaviour or that of people you are connected with. You can start reading now and finish it tomorrow or – because it’s automatically archived – many months later. There are no comments, no network approval metrics. It feels quiet, a bit quaint almost.

Robin Sloan sums it up nicely: ‘Email is definitely not ideal, but it is: decentralized, reliable, and not going anywhere – and more and more, those feel like quasi-magical properties.’

Source: Browse the Dense Discovery archive