Sorry for the bad title. Iwas going to say “crap” but I’m not sure. I’m certainly not all that happy to have one of the greates web apps fall under crapass Yahoo but considering the growing user base and the bandwith that type of service requires, I don’t think they had all that much choice. Getting (more?) VC funding was probably the other way to go but being under the control of money mad financers might not be all that much better, usually worse. So, congrats to the Flickr team on a personal level, I’m sure they got a decent amount of money which is good for them. For us users, lets hope the good intentions described on that post do pan out and we don’t see a difference in the mentality and feel of Flickr. Good luck Aaron.


Karl Dubost March 21, 2005

yep… je fais partie des inquiets et déçus.

Boris Anthony March 22, 2005

Relaxionnez vous deux. a) yahoo is not crapass, b) did you really believe, for one second, anything other than this would happen? C’mon.

“Nothing lasts forever”… especially not privately held companies playing in lucrative international markets.

How about being happy that our good friend Aaron now has serious job security? And what if, omg imagine, WHAT IF Yahoo lets Flickr be just as it is, but just invests lots of money to make it better? OMG! Could happen… Oh wait, it just did… ;)

Anyways, Flickr/Yahoo are doing the english market. How many languages/countries/niche markets are there out there? C’mon, someone can easily scrounge up something half as good in a week or two in Ruby-on-rails no? hehehe ;)

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