Anyone using digg want to raise their hands (and user name) so I can add friends and see how that part of it works? Also, used to be that I’d find stories on Digge that I didn’t know about already. Seems to me in the last few weeks it’s less “cutting edge”, I’m seeing more stories I already know of. Am I the only one seeing this? I’m guessing it’s caused by the loads of new users, probably less on the ball than the early adopters?


wrong.posture March 31, 2006

raises hand

i’m…errrr… wrongposture (of course!) (errrmm sans le (of course))


julien April 1, 2006


I think it’s normal that, as a project becomes more mainstream, the stories that it breaks become less so, considering the site is ‘run’ by the majority of the people in it and their interests.

Patrick April 1, 2006

It’s normal but are we there yet? I was wondering if others have noticed it or if I’m just having a couple of bad digg days ;)

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